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Camera Movement:

To pan the camera, move the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen in the direction you want the camera to move. When you are done panning, move the pointer away from the screen edge. The camera can also be panned by using WASD, or arrow keys, or by holding down the middle mosue button and dragging.

Camera Zoom, Height and Direction:

To zoom in or out use the Mouse Scroll Wheel. To adjust camera height use the PageUp and PageDown keys. Camera direction can be changed by holding down Control and pressing Arrow Keys. You can look around with the mouse by holding down Shift and holding down the Middle Mouse Button and dragging.

Resetting the camera:

To reset the camera to its initial orientation and height press Backspace.


Selecting Units and Structures:

To select a unit or structure Left Click on its model.

Multiple Unit Selection:

To select multiple units, drag select by holding down the Left Mouse button to create a selection rectangle. All units inside will be selected. You cannot select multiple structures at the same time. << Detail Shift, Ctrl etc.>>

Selecting Units inside Unit Holders:

After selecting a Unit Holder (such as a vehicle or a building) you can select units inside by left clicking their portraits in the Selection Details Pane.

Alternately, they can be selected by holding down ALT (now units inside holders will be highlighted) and left clicking on the models of units.


This screenshot shows the major elements in APOX’s HUD:


  1. Minimap : The minimap offers a full view of the battlefield. It shows your team’s units as well as enemy units that can be seen. It also shows major buildings on the map and major events like when an enemy fires a Super Weapon shot at you. The Minimap can also be used for navigation, Left Clicking at a location on the Minimap moves the camera to that location in the world. Similarly holding down Left Mouse and dragging moves the camera in the world. <<Minimap image >>
  2. Resources: This section of the HUD gives you a quick overview of your resources. <<Resources.png>>
  3. Selection Details: Shows details of the currently selected Units/Structures. If nothing is selected, this will be blank. << Resources pane image>>
  4. Orders: Is used to issue orders. What appears on the Orders section depends on what has been currently selected. << Orders pane image for one structure and one unit, maybe Shelter and Sniper>>
  5. Notifications: Shows Key events in the world as they occur. These fade out over time.

Resource Warnings:

If you have unutilized resources, warnings appear here showing the type and number of unused resources that you possess. Warnings also appear if a resource supply is cut off, e.g. if one of your gas pipelines has been severed.

Using your Units

Moving Units:

To move a unit, select it and then Right Click on the point where you want it to move to.

Attacking the Enemy:

To make a Unit attack an enemy, select it and Right click on the enemy Unit/Structure you want to attack. Alternately, select a unit and issue an Attack order from the Orders Pane.

Deploying weapons:

Units equipped with weapons that require deployment like Snipers, Mortars and Heavy Machine Gunners take time for deployment when given an attack order. Similarly, once deployed, these weapons need to be packed before the Unit can move.


To tell a Unit which way it needs to face, first select it. Then Click and hold the Right Mouse Button where you want the Unit to move to and drag the mouse in the direction you want it to face. Release the mouse button and the Unit will move to that spot and face the direction that you specified.

Taking Cover:

Infantry can take cover behind Short Walls. Give them a move order to near a Short Wall and they will automatically go into cover once they reach the Short Wall. Units in cover receive less damage.

Clearing Buildings/Structures:

Units inside buildings receive less damage. One Enemy units can be forced to come out of buildings by using flame weapons on them. Once buildings are set on fire, Units inside are forced out.

Using Buildings/Structures:

Resource producing Buildings and Structures need Workers inside for production. Some buildings are capable of an increased rate of production. To get such a production bonus put more than one Worker inside the Building/Structure. If a Building is capable of a Production Bonus it will be shown in the Selection Details Pane.

Exiting Buildings:

To exit a bulding select a Unit and give it a Move order to where you want it to go on exiting.





There are 5 major resources in APOX - Survivors, Salvage, Gas, Ammo and Precious Metal.

Survivors can be trained to be Soldiers and can also be used as Workers. They gather at Shelters. <<Survivor Icon here>>

Salvage is used for constructing, repairing and upgrading. Salvage is produced in Salvage yards. <<Salvage Icon here>>

Gas is needed for vehicles to move, for flame weapons and for certain types of flammable shots. Gas is produced in Refineries and Gas Staions. <<Gas Icon here>>

Ammo is used for ammunition in combat as well as for explosives such as Grenades and Landmines. Ammo is produced in Salvage Yards and Ammo Supplies. <<Ammo Icon here>>

Another key resource is Precious Metal which's principally used for constructing powerful Super Weapons. It also has other uses such as to enable Clinics to create Medikits and Mechanics to create Spare Parts. <<Metal Icon here>>

Sharing Resorces

Resources can be shared among your Units as well as with the Units of your other team members. Resources are also automatically shared between structures that have a certain resources and units that can carry more of that resource, as long as they are in proximity to each other. E.g. running your Sniper who’s out of ammo up to your Gun Bunker will get the Sniper ammo, provided the Gun Bunker has ammo it can spare. This process is mostly automatic.

Sharing ammo with your teammates increases your Score.

<<Turning sharing on and off>>

Transporting Resources

Resources sometimes need to be transported from where they are produced to where they will be consumed.

Gas needs to be transported via Pipelines.

Other resources such as Ammo and Salvage are transported by your Units. Resource carrying infantry can be put in vehicles to speed up transport.

Resource Structures


Shelters produce Survivors.

Salvage Yard:

Produces both Salvage and Ammo. The ratio of Salvage to Ammo production can be set using the Slider.

Gas Station:

Produces Gas. Needs pipeline to transport gas to structures that require gas.


Produces Gas like the Gas Station but are situated away from bases. Hence capturing a Refinery and connecting it with pipelines boosts your supply of Gas.

Ammo Supply:

Produces ammo.

Precious Metal Site:

Produces Precious Metal. More than 1 Worker gives a production bonus. Can hold a Max of 4 Workers.

Other Structures

Attacker Structures

Gun Bunker:

Flame Tower:

Infantry Types

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Vehicle Types

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Super Weapons

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